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To schedule a massage therapy session, you can either contact us directly or schedule a session online by registering on our site.

On the day of your scheduled massage session, you’ll be warmly welcomed with tea and a short intake form used to begin our dialogue. At Chaan Thai, we rate effective communication as one of the most important components of a satisfying massage. Following the tea, you’ll be greeted by your trained massage practitioner who will introduce themselves and treat you with a complimentary foot bath that leverages essential oils and Chaan Thai techniques. Once you are relaxed, you’ll be guided to a sectioned room and given time to change into the Chaan Thai spa wear provided. Once you are ready, your massage practitioner will return and begin the massage.


At Chaan Thai Massage, we believe that effective communication with our guests is essential to the massage experience. We encourage our guests to express any questions or concerns that they may have, or to point out specific conditions that should be brought to our attention.


Chaan Thai Massage provides our guests with spa wear that is comfortable and suitable in all treatments. You can also visit us already dressed in loose, comfortable clothing like pajamas or Yoga attire.


Guest privacy is important to us and will be protected at all times. We offer private changing in each treatment room and guests will be draped with towels covering all parts of the body that are not being treated.


Interested in learning more about the experience? Take a virtual tour through our facilities.


Have additional questions? Take a look through our FAQ for answers to common questions.