Introducing the Chaan Thai Blog

The Chaan Thai Blog covers the latest news and research on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) by sharing potential benefits and other vital information to readers, and by describing how CAM can be incorporated to improve quality of life. While many forms of alternative medicine have not yet been shown in clinical trials to be more effective than placebos, CAM continues to grow in popularity across the world. In third world nations without adequate access to health care, alternative medicine is the only source of healing. And even in the United States, patients with incurable or untreatable chronic symptoms often seek refuge with CAM.

Due to this growing trend, U.S. researchers have focused their efforts on understanding CAM, separating fact from fiction, and finding its place in modern medicine. This blog will explore CAM as a whole, starting with three topics in the coming weeks: telemedicine, touch-based healing, and CAM expenditure.

Telemedicine incorporates technology with modern medicine to deliver treatments beyond the hospital room. Telemedicine is not CAM in the traditional sense, but it is an alternative approach to medicine that is in the experimental phase with research looking at ways video conferencing can help in areas like patient monitoring, the spread of basic medical education, and primary care. Early studies suggest that telemedicine can provide solutions to health care problems like the high cost of emergency room visits and the lack of medical resources in less urbanized environments.

Touch-based healing covers a range of techniques. The one we plan to analyze has supporting research showing that touch-based healing can promote subjective well-being and cause a state of enhanced sympathetic activity known to precede relaxation. Ultimately, evidence suggests that touch-based healing can be useful as a technique to reduce stress, help with pain management, and promote healing.

Finally, the Chaan Thai Blog will create a multi-part series that looks at CAM expenditure in the United States and what it means to U.S. health care system. Results from surveys show that many Americans turn to CAM when modern medicine is unable to treat or cure their troubles, specifically those related to neuropsychiatric symptoms like insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. Tracking CAM expenditure is a good way to identify specific areas in medicine where modern techniques are falling short as well as where to focus our CAM research.

We hope that the Chaan Thai Blog can become a valuable resource for our readers by sparking discussions about the old and new techniques that are emerging for use in modern medicine. Though not all forms of CAM will be shown to be beneficial, there is certainly a place for CAM that yields positive results. Our goal is to report on CAM and related subjects that are supported by research and shown to have the potential to augment our ability to deliver high-quality health care.

As with many things in life, we expect the Chaan Thai Blog to evolve over time and, with your help, in a positive way. So please share your comments, questions, and feedback.

Welcome to our journey!